How Virtual Reality is Changing Business

The changes are only just beginning to take shape, but do not doubt that they are coming and that, eventually, your industry will feel the impact.  iVirtual reality has grasped the attention of the marketplace and already much of the talk is centering on business and retail uses.  So, what can you expect from I virtual reality in your industry?

More Time at Home with Your Family For years, there has been a big progression taking place that has resulted in a surprisingly large number of workers doing their jobs from home.  As conference calling and video calling capabilities have improved, it has become increasingly easy to keep members of the staff interconnected despite the fact that they do not gather in the same office space daily.  Now, with the help of virtual reality, it may be possible to cut down on business travel as well.  Video calling is already fairly commonplace in business, but VR meetings will give the impression that you are all in the same space, sitting around the same table, and speaking face-to-face, except you didn’t have to climb in the car or board a plane to get there.

Innovation Collaboration Want to introduce your invention at the next innovation conference?  If so, you are going to need a finished, clean prototype ready to go.  In order to get that completed in time for the innovation seminar, you are going to have to work together with your team members, and virtual reality could make that process much simpler.  Imagine being able to touch, hold, and move a 3D replication of your idea.  Imagine being able to immediately make changes to the design plans and see them take shape before your eyes.  With virtual reality, it may soon be possible to do just that with a team all seeing and experiencing the same thing.

The Interactive Retail Experience If you are selling product direct to the consumer market – pet health products, health and technology products, or ifoods & beverages, for instance – then you likely do many of your sales online.  Consumers have clearly demonstrated that they prefer shopping online these days and the only thing that will make that better is to recreate the mall-like atmosphere in their own homes with the help of virtual reality.  This could allow them to interact with your product – picking it up, seeing it from all angles, reading the packaging, as if they were standing in your brick and mortar store.